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PHP sessions caching at the cluster of servers (using EhCache)

2011/06 (3 weeks), customer: “Gradsoft”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: written & tested on 2 Tomcats
dev. OS: Windows XP; languages: Java SE 6, PHP; tools: Eclipse, Git, Tomcat, EhCache

PHP session save handler and back-end Java part for caching at multi-node back-end with EhCache. PHP session’s data is transferred over HTML or JsonRPC.

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IPS and CPM – software for DOCSIS cable networks support

2010-2011 (5 months), employer: “Promptlink Communications, Inc.”, full-time, Junior Java Developer, 4 developers
dev. OS: Windows 7; languages: Java SE 6, XML; tools: Eclipse, Tomcat, log4j, SVN, CVS, Bugzila, Junit, etc.

10 years in production products: IPS (WEB, Struts/GWT based, JSP) and CPM (Swing) for monitoring/controlling DOCSIS cable networks.
Learning Java, bugs fixing, corrections, refactoring and minor enhancements (projects contain about 10000 files totally).

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Remote Tasks Execution with load balancing

2010/09 (1 month), customer: “Promptlink Communications, Inc.”, full-time, Junior Java Developer, 1 developer
result: version without inheritance is released
dev. OS: Windows XP; languages: Java SE 6; tools: Eclipse, SVN, log4j

It is my first Java project.
One Distributor controls any number of remote Executors to fulfill the CLI/SNMP task list (each task with specified interval continuously or fixed number of times). Distributor implements load balancing of Executors using task’s weight and Executor’s load limit. Distributor logs results of all executed tasks. Distributor and Executors are auto connectible.

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IPTV 6 TV channels on demand streaming cluster with last day FIFO storage, ASF stream play&save embeddable object

2006-2007 (6 months), customer “Wi-Max Ukraine”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented, setup and still works at TV tower in Kyiv
OS/Hardware: Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 R2/ 6 PC rack; languages: VB 2005; tools: VS 2005, .NET 2.0, Direct Show Filters, Windows Media Services, Windows Media Encoder

- Rack of 6 PC (2 servers cluster + 4 streamers: 4 analog and 2 SDI video inputs). Assembled, fully set up, fast restore from backup CD included;
- ASF streamers (Windows Media Encoder) are configured for 3 bit-rates on demand broadcasting of input TV channels through Windows Server 2003 R2 cluster;
- VB 2005 written Windows Server 2003 service for cyclic cutting and storing video streams to file system (last 24 hours of each stream) for further editing or casting on demand with delay. HTTP logging;
- VB 2005 active object for WEB page embedding which plays video stream and makes possible saving it to local hard drive (building Direct Show Filter Graph).

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“Octopus” – WEB Store Engine (WSE)

1999-2000 (10 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, full-time, Developer & Project manager, 4 developers
result: several WEB stores were implemented
OS: Linux; languages: TCL, HTML, SQL; tools: AOL server

WSE consists of flexible set of parameterized TCL scripts, Shopping cart (PERL) and Admin part for building Oracle based WEB Store with credit card payment.
My part was writing TCL scripts for DB data representing in HTML and Admin part for the store controlling and DB filling.

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