Projects of the ‘Testing/Improving’ Category

Noise Reduction of MC based Low Frequency Sound Generator

2007, customer Bolotov M.B., outsourcing, 1 developer
result: problems with output noise were solved
MC: i51; languages: Assembler i51; tools: Oscilloscope & solder iron

MC based 0,01-30 Hz sine wave sound generator with power amplifiers avails programmed changing of output frequency. FW was verified.
Power modes and construction were changed.

Electronics, Microcontrollers, Testing/Improving

USB Camera noise reduction and PCB design correction

2003 (2 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, full-time, 1 developer/tester
result: Noise and temperature dependency reduced dramatically, about 30 boards were corrected
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: oscilloscope & solder iron

Sumix developed SMX-110 USB camera was inspected and tested for picture noise. Picture noise testing application was written using ready API.
Power modes, PCB design and camera construction were corrected to achieve as minimal noise as supplied CMOS sensor avails.

@ Software, Electronics, Testing/Improving

Interferometer and Java App testing

2003 (2 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, full-time
result: Every day bugs detected
OS: Windows 98

2 projects were tested every other day. First is interferometer hardware/software, second – Java application for Cable Plant Monitoring and Control (CPM).

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