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Building power overcurrent protection with restoring on timer

2011 (2 weeks), private project, 1 developer
result: 1 sample is implemented
tools: Oscilloscope & solder iron

It is developed for protection of country side building that is 7-15 kW load of non-stable 220V power network. It disconnects load (building with power stabilizer) if its current exceeds the customizable level (25-70 amperes) and then it runs timer. Timer delay may be set in the range of 2 to 24 minutes. Device restores power to load when timer’s delay is passed.
It is designed to work at wide range of power: 90 to 330 volts (tested). In normal condition (220V) this device consumes only 2,5 Watts and 6 Watts when load is disconnected.
Such device becomes useful when power stabilizer does not have automatic restoring of power after overcurrent condition. This leads to total discharging of backup batteries of UPS which follows stabilizer even if power is already restored.
At the country side overcurrent condition often occurs when power network voltage drops. For example, if voltage drops to about 147 volts then input current of stabilizer rises in 1.5 times (while building consumes the same power after stabilizer).

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10 kV power unit working with regular shunting

2008, customer Bolotov B.V., outsourcing, 1 developer
result: 2 versions were implemented
tools: Oscilloscope & solder iron

1) 220 to 14kV multiplier (C-D);
2) switching one with 10kV output.
It is used to generate very hi-current pulsing as often as possible (<1 sec period).

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Digital home/car clock with 100 alarms and temperature sensing

2006, private project, 1 developer
result: developed & soldered, works but FW is not finished
dev. OS: Windows XP; MC: ATmega8; languages: C; tools: PN, AVR C cross-compiler

This project has common firmware for 3 following hardware implementations:
- Car clock with both red and green screens (watch its movie CarThermoClock_2Lines-Vid01);
- Large screen home clock;
- Large bi-color screen home clock: (red&green) segments indicator to set any composite color lighting (watch its movie RGThermoClock-Vid01).
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Car clock with accumulator voltage indicating and auto brightness

2005, private project, 1 developer
result: sold 1 sample
dev. OS: Windows XP; MC: ATtiny26; languages: C; tools: PN, AVR C cross-compiler

Auto brightness (16 levels) with manual level correction, 0,1V step accumulator voltage indicator, LED screen auto off on car key (with 2 seconds lighting if any clock button is pressed). Accurate clock tuning (to 2 seconds per month error).
Switching power unit.

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Pocket USB2.0 hard drive

2001-2002, customer: joint project, 1 developer
result: 5 samples were sold
OS: Windows; tools: Orcad

USB2.0 and USB1.1 to mini-ATA/ATAPI boards are developed (2.5” form-factor). Ready reference design of USB MC supplier (Cypress, CA) was improved. PCB (69x27mm, height is 9mm including board and chips) is designed and is manufactured. Cypress supplied firmware was used. USB2.0 pocket hard drive is formed as final product for HDD with height of 9,5mm (titanic black box). 5V x 800mA power unit was designed and included.

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Controller of the interferometer

2001, 2003 (2 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, outsourcing, 2 developers (with my father)
result: was designed and 2 controllers were implemented
OS: Windows 98; languages: C51; tools: oscilloscope & solder iron

AT89C52 based external interferometer controller had 4 10-bits DAC controlled LED channels with current intensity control, external and internal temperature sensors.
One 12-bit DAC output channel has slow but very low noise -40V-+300 output amplifier for piezo-positioner control. FW was written by my father. Controller has COM port PC interface.
Each channel may be programmed for auto incrementing with specified start value, value step and sign, start delay and step interval.
Multi-voltage power supplier was included.

Data Acquisition and Control, Microcontrollers, Power Units, Sensors/Detectors

TTS digital board for phone number tones detection

1990-1991 (9 months being student), customer: Zhitomir Trunk Telephone Station, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: 1 sample was implemented and tested, they had started serial manufacturing
OS/Hardware: DOS/designed MC board; languages: Assembler i8051; tools: i8051 cross assembler

This board (for Computer controlled TTS) substitutes analog one. It detects tones of coded phone number that is passed between TTS of cities.
Prior to digital board TTS had larger percentage of errors while number detection.
Board includes i8031 MC (i51 w/o internal ROM), RAM/ROM, phone line interface with analog filter of input signal, TTS rack interface (6 logical outputs for each tone in code) and switching power unit (TTS 24V to board’s power).

Microcontrollers, Phone/Sound, Power Units, Signal Processing