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“KeenLEDs” – sound & temperature controlled 4 RGB LEDs, AcryLight with gift like designs

2008-2010, private project, 1 developer
result: 15 samples are sold, PCB is designed, 3 variants are implemented
MC: ATtiny13-25-45; languages: С; tools: PN, AVR cross-compiler, Orcad

4 RGB LEDs generating random colors. Speed of blinking depends on ambient loudness. One implementation indicates room temperature as color.
Watch ones video Pyramid-Vid01 and HoldersWood-Vid01.
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Design, Home/Entertainment, Microcontrollers, PCB Design, Sensors/Detectors, USB

2-8 channels phone line PC adapter

2004, customer: private project, 1 developer
result: 8 and 2 channels versions were implemented
OS: Windows XP; tools: Orcad, oscilloscope & solder iron

2 channels per board adapters of phone line. Decoupled output to Sound Blaster input of PC, line on-hook sensing of each line via Joystick port. Amplifiers with auto gain control.
It was made to be used with ready software for calls registration Atropos-SB (

Design, Electronics, PCB Design, Phone/Sound

Pocket USB2.0 hard drive

2001-2002, customer: joint project, 1 developer
result: 5 samples were sold
OS: Windows; tools: Orcad

USB2.0 and USB1.1 to mini-ATA/ATAPI boards are developed (2.5” form-factor). Ready reference design of USB MC supplier (Cypress, CA) was improved. PCB (69x27mm, height is 9mm including board and chips) is designed and is manufactured. Cypress supplied firmware was used. USB2.0 pocket hard drive is formed as final product for HDD with height of 9,5mm (titanic black box). 5V x 800mA power unit was designed and included.

Design, Microcontrollers, PCB Design, Power Units, USB

PC board for Video input, digital software decoder of PAL color component

1991-1992, joint project: with Production Cooperative “Informtechnika”, 1 developer
result: sold 5 boards
OS/Hardware: DOS/PC/designed ISA boar; languages: C; tools: TC 2.0, oscilloscope

Developed board grabs composite video signal with 12MHz/8bits sampling. Data was written directly to PC RAM using Master mode of ISA bus. Board had about 40 logic DIPs and fast ADC.
Grabbed composite PAL signal data is decoded by software decoder to get color picture.

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