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Tetris like games framework for Android

2011 (1.5 month), private project, 1 developer
result: Tetris works, framework is not finished
dev. OS: Windows XP; target OS: Android; languages: Java, XML; tools: Eclipse, Android API 1.6, Android SDK

Tetris like games framework.
Download it in middle state RoTris.apk. Points are not counted. Speed is fixed. Size depends only on screen size. Options are only decorated but show final idea.

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“ABCRescue” – game for Android that trains in Ukrainian letters

2011/03, private project, 1 developer
result: 2 simple versions are released and played by my daughter at the pad
dev. OS: Windows XP; target OS: Android; languages: Java; tools: Eclipse, Android API 1.6, Android SDK

It is my first Android project.
Training game: random floating random Ukrainian letters, tapping pronounces its sound, kid asked to tap the right one.

Download ABCRescue.apk and give it to your child to try. Idea is not finished.

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“Abetka” – Talking Ukrainian letters

2010, private project 1 developer
result: implemented for my daughter
OS: Windows XP; tools: MS Power Point

MS Power Point presentation with table of Ukrainian letters which produce one’s sound on click.

Download Abetka PP Presentation with player. Extract files from archive and run play.bat. Click on letters.

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“Response” – PC DAQ Controlled Experiments Support System

2003-2008 (8 months, 3 versions), customer: Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Vitaliy Zamostian (National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”), private project, 1 developer
result: 3 versions were implemented, installed and supported, it was used for experiments with mice
OS: Windows XP; languages: VB 2003-2008; tools: VS, .NET1.1-3.5, ready PC DAQ board LCard

This is the PC software that helps to execute experiments which are controlled by PC DAQ board. User may define experiment as the set of steps each with different DAQ input/output channels modes and condition of step finish. For user suitability any channel may be defined in user units and scale. Each channel has zero and scale calibrations. Step of the experiment defines common input channels registration parameters (sampling period, repeating period, number of registrations or step duration), different types of output pulsing and optional synchronization modes.
Download Response 1.1 Setup. You must have MS .NET 1.1 SP1 installed to run Response 1.1.
Package also installs this Russian Response 1.1 User Guide.
This Response 1.1 Experiment File Sample may be opened withing Response 1.1.
Play with mouse left/right double-clicks and dragging on chart’s scales. You may change size of each window. Move upper sliders to switch to another data registration. Set/remove rule by left/right mouse clicking on any chart or by double clicking row in the table. Rule is common for all windows. Read more…

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“VigilantEye” – Software video motion detector for Windows

2003, customer: private project, 1 developer
result: implemented, 1 installation with camera & video-board was sold
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: Win32 VfW

Adjustable motion detector of the video source. My original algorithm of motion detection uses level sensing of square and/or size of brightness and/or edge changes in selectable region. It shows windows with intermediate results (brightness difference, edges, edge changes) and sensors activity diagrams. Optional sound signaling and video activity fragment saving are provided.

Download VigilantEye Setup.
Unfortunately it has only Russian interface. To use it properly expand red border of sensing region that may occasionally be collapsed to point when it is started. Read more…

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CV and table of projects

English version Serhiy Shamshetdinov, developer CV, Eng.doc – most up to date.
Table of developed projects Serhiy Shamshetdinov, projects, Eng.xls.
Russian version Serhiy Shamshetdinov, developer CV, Rus.doc – infrequently updated.

Software developer experience:
- multiuser systems/GUI;
- desktop applications;
- multi-threading (understanding but simple is experienced);
- algorithms of information processing;
- database management systems;
- WEB store engine (CMS like set of TCL scripts with Admin);
- DAQ controlled systems;
- raw video and IPTV processing and control;
- sockets data exchange.

- ambition and inventive in producing bugs-free, suitable, reliable and full-featured systems/code, I’m simply getting pleasure of software design and coding, of studying new technologies and researching, of realizing flexible, sharp and usable systems, flexible engines/libraries, looking well and suitable GUI;
- full product developing cycle: from Requirements Specification (or even without) to product support;
- possibility to overlap projects developing (preferably each at different state of cycle – thinking/coding/support mixing);
- experienced in Scrum work-flow and pair programming of developing process;
- easy and helpful interaction with testers/designers;
- ability to work with another’s code: reverse engineering, refactoring, enhancements, bugfixing;
- suggestions emitting when system requirements are not complete, unclear or can’t be fully specified by customer
- reading/writing documentation in English;
- well (self)documented code (JavaDoc and in-code comments)that is made to be “free of me”;
- dividing project to the set of subtasks, tracking global progress while coding/testing current feature realization.

- OOP (since 2010, September), OOD patterns knowledge (primary set);
- plane OOP (no inheritance – .NET since 2003);
- JUnit , log4j, Tomcat (debugging withing Eclipse), JSP/Struts (bugfixing and enhancements to code), GWT (minor code corrections), Swing (made 1 2-table form);
- Scrum, pair programming;
- JavaDoc;
- Android API 1.6 (since 2011, March).

- Java SE 6.0 (since 2010, September);
- Scala/Lift (only theory & tutorials);
- HTML (since 1999), XML (since 2010), CSS (since 2011);
- SQL (since 1995);
- TCL (1999-2000);
- JavaScript (since 2011, minor experience, in progress);
- MS Visual Basic .NET 1.1-3.5 for GUI (since 2003);
- MS Visual Basic 3.0-6.0 (since 1996);
- MS VBA (since 1996);
- Plane C (since 1986);
- assembler/С of MCS-51 (since 1990) and i8080 (since 1985).
Knowledge (modest university time experience): Pascal, PL1, Fortran, ADA.

Tools (Java set):
- Eclipse for JavaEE, Android plug-in;
- CVS & SVN repositories usage withing Eclipse, GIT repository (minor experience);
- Bugzilla bugs/features tracking, Redmine (minor experience).

More than 25 years of systems development;
- Mixed software/hardware projects and micro-controller systems;
- Developing, tuning, production and repairing electronic devices;
- PC assembling and upgrade, software installation and setting;
- Systems administrating, support and testing;
- Staff training and help on using PC, software and systems.

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