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Software developer experience:
- multiuser systems/GUI;
- desktop applications;
- multi-threading (understanding but simple is experienced);
- algorithms of information processing;
- database management systems;
- WEB store engine (CMS like set of TCL scripts with Admin);
- DAQ controlled systems;
- raw video and IPTV processing and control;
- sockets data exchange.

- ambition and inventive in producing bugs-free, suitable, reliable and full-featured systems/code, I’m simply getting pleasure of software design and coding, of studying new technologies and researching, of realizing flexible, sharp and usable systems, flexible engines/libraries, looking well and suitable GUI;
- full product developing cycle: from Requirements Specification (or even without) to product support;
- possibility to overlap projects developing (preferably each at different state of cycle – thinking/coding/support mixing);
- experienced in Scrum work-flow and pair programming of developing process;
- easy and helpful interaction with testers/designers;
- ability to work with another’s code: reverse engineering, refactoring, enhancements, bugfixing;
- suggestions emitting when system requirements are not complete, unclear or can’t be fully specified by customer
- reading/writing documentation in English;
- well (self)documented code (JavaDoc and in-code comments)that is made to be “free of me”;
- dividing project to the set of subtasks, tracking global progress while coding/testing current feature realization.

- OOP (since 2010, September), OOD patterns knowledge (primary set);
- plane OOP (no inheritance – .NET since 2003);
- JUnit , log4j, Tomcat (debugging withing Eclipse), JSP/Struts (bugfixing and enhancements to code), GWT (minor code corrections), Swing (made 1 2-table form);
- Scrum, pair programming;
- JavaDoc;
- Android API 1.6 (since 2011, March).

- Java SE 6.0 (since 2010, September);
- Scala/Lift (only theory & tutorials);
- HTML (since 1999), XML (since 2010), CSS (since 2011);
- SQL (since 1995);
- TCL (1999-2000);
- JavaScript (since 2011, minor experience, in progress);
- MS Visual Basic .NET 1.1-3.5 for GUI (since 2003);
- MS Visual Basic 3.0-6.0 (since 1996);
- MS VBA (since 1996);
- Plane C (since 1986);
- assembler/С of MCS-51 (since 1990) and i8080 (since 1985).
Knowledge (modest university time experience): Pascal, PL1, Fortran, ADA.

Tools (Java set):
- Eclipse for JavaEE, Android plug-in;
- CVS & SVN repositories usage withing Eclipse, GIT repository (minor experience);
- Bugzilla bugs/features tracking, Redmine (minor experience).

More than 25 years of systems development;
- Mixed software/hardware projects and micro-controller systems;
- Developing, tuning, production and repairing electronic devices;
- PC assembling and upgrade, software installation and setting;
- Systems administrating, support and testing;
- Staff training and help on using PC, software and systems.

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