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IPTV 6 TV channels on demand streaming cluster with last day FIFO storage, ASF stream play&save embeddable object

2006-2007 (6 months), customer “Wi-Max Ukraine”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented, setup and still works at TV tower in Kyiv
OS/Hardware: Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 R2/ 6 PC rack; languages: VB 2005; tools: VS 2005, .NET 2.0, Direct Show Filters, Windows Media Services, Windows Media Encoder

- Rack of 6 PC (2 servers cluster + 4 streamers: 4 analog and 2 SDI video inputs). Assembled, fully set up, fast restore from backup CD included;
- ASF streamers (Windows Media Encoder) are configured for 3 bit-rates on demand broadcasting of input TV channels through Windows Server 2003 R2 cluster;
- VB 2005 written Windows Server 2003 service for cyclic cutting and storing video streams to file system (last 24 hours of each stream) for further editing or casting on demand with delay. HTTP logging;
- VB 2005 active object for WEB page embedding which plays video stream and makes possible saving it to local hard drive (building Direct Show Filter Graph).

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“VigilantEye” – Software video motion detector for Windows

2003, customer: private project, 1 developer
result: implemented, 1 installation with camera & video-board was sold
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: Win32 VfW

Adjustable motion detector of the video source. My original algorithm of motion detection uses level sensing of square and/or size of brightness and/or edge changes in selectable region. It shows windows with intermediate results (brightness difference, edges, edge changes) and sensors activity diagrams. Optional sound signaling and video activity fragment saving are provided.

Download VigilantEye Setup.
Unfortunately it has only Russian interface. To use it properly expand red border of sensing region that may occasionally be collapsed to point when it is started. Read more…

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PC board for Video input, digital software decoder of PAL color component

1991-1992, joint project: with Production Cooperative “Informtechnika”, 1 developer
result: sold 5 boards
OS/Hardware: DOS/PC/designed ISA boar; languages: C; tools: TC 2.0, oscilloscope

Developed board grabs composite video signal with 12MHz/8bits sampling. Data was written directly to PC RAM using Master mode of ISA bus. Board had about 40 logic DIPs and fast ADC.
Grabbed composite PAL signal data is decoded by software decoder to get color picture.

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