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DBMS “CDPlant”

1996-1998 (2 years), customer: “Mashel” & “Bolidisk” (1&2nd Compact Disk Manufacturing Plants in Ukraine), full-time, 1 – both developer and systems administrator
result: implemented and used starting 1 year of development
OS/Hardware: Windows 9x; languages: VB 3.0-5.0, VBA, SQL; tools: Visual Basic, MS Access DB format, MS Office

Multiuser System monitors CD manufacturing orders fulfillment. 12 possible parts of manufacturing process execution, in/out of stock. Second implemented version was able to calculate timing of orders at the moment of ordering. Different reports preparing using MS Word templates with special tags. Finally source code was 50 000 lines of VB. “Orders” DB table had 160 fields. Custom part of process interface customization was possible (manager, reception, designers, manufacturing, printing, packing, stocking, etc.) with different rights of access. DB had user friendly backup/restore procedures.
Custom record locking mechanism was made. Parametrized search, administrator controlled configurable tables.

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