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Noise Reduction of MC based Low Frequency Sound Generator

2007, customer Bolotov M.B., outsourcing, 1 developer
result: problems with output noise were solved
MC: i51; languages: Assembler i51; tools: Oscilloscope & solder iron

MC based 0,01-30 Hz sine wave sound generator with power amplifiers avails programmed changing of output frequency. FW was verified.
Power modes and construction were changed.

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TTS digital board for phone number tones detection

1990-1991 (9 months being student), customer: Zhitomir Trunk Telephone Station, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: 1 sample was implemented and tested, they had started serial manufacturing
OS/Hardware: DOS/designed MC board; languages: Assembler i8051; tools: i8051 cross assembler

This board (for Computer controlled TTS) substitutes analog one. It detects tones of coded phone number that is passed between TTS of cities.
Prior to digital board TTS had larger percentage of errors while number detection.
Board includes i8031 MC (i51 w/o internal ROM), RAM/ROM, phone line interface with analog filter of input signal, TTS rack interface (6 logical outputs for each tone in code) and switching power unit (TTS 24V to board’s power).

Microcontrollers, Phone/Sound, Power Units, Signal Processing

Doorbell with 30 melodies

1990, aim: the gift for friend, 1 developer
result: was granted and was used during several years
hardware: soldered controller board; languages: Assembler i8080; tools: developed at i8080 based computer

MC board and FW were developed: i8080, 2kB ROM, NO RAM (only registers of CPU), 30 cyclic 1 tone melodies.

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AON – digital detector of caller phone number

1989, customer: private firm, 1 developer
result: 1 sample supplied and used
hardware: soldered controller board; languages: Assembler i8080; tools: developed at i8080 based computer

It was my first designed MC board: i8080, 2kB ROM, NO RAM (only registers of CPU), 8 digits 7-segment LED indicator, phone line interface, NO ADC (analog signal was sampled as bit stream).
Written FW: digital 6 tones caller number decoding and indicating.

Microcontrollers, Phone/Sound, Signal Processing

“Tetris” for i8080

1989, private project: written at free time while being at Army of USSR, 2 developers
result: realized and used
OS/Hardware: i8080 like processor based computer; languages: assembler i8080; tools: paper & pencil

Tetris classic in text screen mode for i8080 based computer. Its design was improved and Tetris was implemented by my officer at his home computer.

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7-segment 10 digits screen driver with shifting effects

1985-1986, customer: Kyiv Institute of Automatics (made for my father); outsourcing, 1 developer
result: tested and implemented as subroutine
hardware: analog of i8080 based USSR industrial controller for plants (KTS LIUS-2); languages: i8080 assembler and machine code; tools: paper & pencil

It was my first written and implemented program.
Driver of 10 digits indicator with animated shifting (new number appears from left/right and top/bottom with shifting).

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