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Files encoding/decoding application

2009 (1 week), joint project 1 developer
result: implemented
OS: Windows XP; languages: VB 2008; tools: VS 2008, .NET 3.5

Simple GUI application for files encoding/decoding with free key file. Asked by my university teacher to test his encoding algorithm.

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IPTV 6 TV channels on demand streaming cluster with last day FIFO storage, ASF stream play&save embeddable object

2006-2007 (6 months), customer “Wi-Max Ukraine”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented, setup and still works at TV tower in Kyiv
OS/Hardware: Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 R2/ 6 PC rack; languages: VB 2005; tools: VS 2005, .NET 2.0, Direct Show Filters, Windows Media Services, Windows Media Encoder

- Rack of 6 PC (2 servers cluster + 4 streamers: 4 analog and 2 SDI video inputs). Assembled, fully set up, fast restore from backup CD included;
- ASF streamers (Windows Media Encoder) are configured for 3 bit-rates on demand broadcasting of input TV channels through Windows Server 2003 R2 cluster;
- VB 2005 written Windows Server 2003 service for cyclic cutting and storing video streams to file system (last 24 hours of each stream) for further editing or casting on demand with delay. HTTP logging;
- VB 2005 active object for WEB page embedding which plays video stream and makes possible saving it to local hard drive (building Direct Show Filter Graph).

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“Response” – PC DAQ Controlled Experiments Support System

2003-2008 (8 months, 3 versions), customer: Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Vitaliy Zamostian (National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”), private project, 1 developer
result: 3 versions were implemented, installed and supported, it was used for experiments with mice
OS: Windows XP; languages: VB 2003-2008; tools: VS, .NET1.1-3.5, ready PC DAQ board LCard

This is the PC software that helps to execute experiments which are controlled by PC DAQ board. User may define experiment as the set of steps each with different DAQ input/output channels modes and condition of step finish. For user suitability any channel may be defined in user units and scale. Each channel has zero and scale calibrations. Step of the experiment defines common input channels registration parameters (sampling period, repeating period, number of registrations or step duration), different types of output pulsing and optional synchronization modes.
Download Response 1.1 Setup. You must have MS .NET 1.1 SP1 installed to run Response 1.1.
Package also installs this Russian Response 1.1 User Guide.
This Response 1.1 Experiment File Sample may be opened withing Response 1.1.
Play with mouse left/right double-clicks and dragging on chart’s scales. You may change size of each window. Move upper sliders to switch to another data registration. Set/remove rule by left/right mouse clicking on any chart or by double clicking row in the table. Rule is common for all windows. Read more…

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“VigilantEye” – Software video motion detector for Windows

2003, customer: private project, 1 developer
result: implemented, 1 installation with camera & video-board was sold
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: Win32 VfW

Adjustable motion detector of the video source. My original algorithm of motion detection uses level sensing of square and/or size of brightness and/or edge changes in selectable region. It shows windows with intermediate results (brightness difference, edges, edge changes) and sensors activity diagrams. Optional sound signaling and video activity fragment saving are provided.

Download VigilantEye Setup.
Unfortunately it has only Russian interface. To use it properly expand red border of sensing region that may occasionally be collapsed to point when it is started. Read more…

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USB Camera noise reduction and PCB design correction

2003 (2 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, full-time, 1 developer/tester
result: Noise and temperature dependency reduced dramatically, about 30 boards were corrected
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: oscilloscope & solder iron

Sumix developed SMX-110 USB camera was inspected and tested for picture noise. Picture noise testing application was written using ready API.
Power modes, PCB design and camera construction were corrected to achieve as minimal noise as supplied CMOS sensor avails.

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ActiveX object to control interferometer

2001 (1 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: VB 6.0

VB 6.0 OCX component and test application were developed to interact with сontroller of Interferometer.

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DBMS “Sklad” (“Warehouse”)

1998-1999, customer: “Lucky Trade”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: realized but not used
OS/Hardware: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0, VBA, SQL; tools: Visual Basic, MS Access DB format, MS Office 97

Simple “CDPlant” based multi-user database for goods registration, goods movement and using tracking, planning and creating orders to manufacturers of goods based on current and minimal amount in the store.

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“Calls” – Mini-station calls logging to MS Excel

1998, customer: “IRIS Ukraine” (USA), outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented and used during several years
OS/Hardware: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0, VBA; tools: VB, MS Excel 97

The goal of the project is PC to Office Phone Mini-station connecting, storing calls history, importing, sorting and filtering information about phone calls with MS Excel.
Mini-station was connected to PC over COM-port. Resident program logs data to temporary file. Excel macros adds new calls to history.

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DBMS “Romashka”

1998, customer: private firm, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: realized but not used
OS/Hardware: Windows 9x; languages: VB 5.0, VBA, SQL; tools: Visual Basic, MS Access DB format, MS Office 97

“CDPlant” based DBMS for goods tracking.

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DBMS “CDPlant”

1996-1998 (2 years), customer: “Mashel” & “Bolidisk” (1&2nd Compact Disk Manufacturing Plants in Ukraine), full-time, 1 – both developer and systems administrator
result: implemented and used starting 1 year of development
OS/Hardware: Windows 9x; languages: VB 3.0-5.0, VBA, SQL; tools: Visual Basic, MS Access DB format, MS Office

Multiuser System monitors CD manufacturing orders fulfillment. 12 possible parts of manufacturing process execution, in/out of stock. Second implemented version was able to calculate timing of orders at the moment of ordering. Different reports preparing using MS Word templates with special tags. Finally source code was 50 000 lines of VB. “Orders” DB table had 160 fields. Custom part of process interface customization was possible (manager, reception, designers, manufacturing, printing, packing, stocking, etc.) with different rights of access. DB had user friendly backup/restore procedures.
Custom record locking mechanism was made. Parametrized search, administrator controlled configurable tables.

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Team Events Schedule System Printing Support

1995-1996, customer: “Techsell”, Sweden, outsourcing, 2 developer
result: several versions were released
OS/Hardware: Windows 3.11/95; languages: VB 3.0, SQL

It was my first project which used Visual Basic and SQL.
Aim of our project was to make parameterized selections from ready team scheduler DB and to print results in different formats.

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