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Algorithm for quick draft restoring of the phase 3D image of interferometer

2000 (1 month), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, full-time, 1 developer
result: released, then used by coders as base for C++ coding
OS: Windows 98; languages: VBA; tools: MS Excel

Fast algorithm for rough 3D image preview is developed with building graph within MS Excel. The input is the sequence (z) of interferometric pictures (x,y) got from interferometer’s camera . For each point (X,Y) of image its brightness produces sinusoid in z dimension. The aim of this algorithm is to detect quickly phase of sinusoids for each (x,y) point.

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Bills forming and sending system

1998 (1 month), customer: “Lucky Trade”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented and monthly used several years
OS: Windows 98; languages: C, VBA; tools: UUCP, MS Excel 97

Simple system for forming graphical bills and sending ones via E-Mail. Bill data was stored in MS Excel Sheet.

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