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Tetris like games framework for Android

2011 (1.5 month), private project, 1 developer
result: Tetris works, framework is not finished
dev. OS: Windows XP; target OS: Android; languages: Java, XML; tools: Eclipse, Android API 1.6, Android SDK

Tetris like games framework.
Download it in middle state RoTris.apk. Points are not counted. Speed is fixed. Size depends only on screen size. Options are only decorated but show final idea.

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IPS and CPM – software for DOCSIS cable networks support

2010-2011 (5 months), employer: “Promptlink Communications, Inc.”, full-time, Junior Java Developer, 4 developers
dev. OS: Windows 7; languages: Java SE 6, XML; tools: Eclipse, Tomcat, log4j, SVN, CVS, Bugzila, Junit, etc.

10 years in production products: IPS (WEB, Struts/GWT based, JSP) and CPM (Swing) for monitoring/controlling DOCSIS cable networks.
Learning Java, bugs fixing, corrections, refactoring and minor enhancements (projects contain about 10000 files totally).

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