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“Response” – PC DAQ Controlled Experiments Support System

2003-2008 (8 months, 3 versions), customer: Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Vitaliy Zamostian (National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”), private project, 1 developer
result: 3 versions were implemented, installed and supported, it was used for experiments with mice
OS: Windows XP; languages: VB 2003-2008; tools: VS, .NET1.1-3.5, ready PC DAQ board LCard

This is the PC software that helps to execute experiments which are controlled by PC DAQ board. User may define experiment as the set of steps each with different DAQ input/output channels modes and condition of step finish. For user suitability any channel may be defined in user units and scale. Each channel has zero and scale calibrations. Step of the experiment defines common input channels registration parameters (sampling period, repeating period, number of registrations or step duration), different types of output pulsing and optional synchronization modes.
Download Response 1.1 Setup. You must have MS .NET 1.1 SP1 installed to run Response 1.1.
Package also installs this Russian Response 1.1 User Guide.
This Response 1.1 Experiment File Sample may be opened withing Response 1.1.
Play with mouse left/right double-clicks and dragging on chart’s scales. You may change size of each window. Move upper sliders to switch to another data registration. Set/remove rule by left/right mouse clicking on any chart or by double clicking row in the table. Rule is common for all windows.
Registration of input and output channels may be synchronized to any channel condition. All channels have digital frequency meter with simple statistic. Flexible real-time and post experiment interface visualizes acquired data as tables and charts. Synchronization conditions also are tracked. Multipage user interface with customizable set of charts/tables (AKA Docking style on each page) visualizes data of selected registration and have optional rule for point selection that is synchronized for all charts/tables. Each subwindow may be split to 2 child subwindows (vertically or horizontally) and show charts, tables or statistic. Results, channels data and experiment data are stored in file. Each prepared or fulfilled experiment may act as template for new one. MS Excel export of results is present. New step may be executed in manual mode (configure and run) and then it will be added to experiment. User interface is in English, but User Manual is in Russian.

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