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Sensor of light density of blood (pulse meter)

2005 (1.5 month), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: 1 sample was supplied
OS: Windows; MC: ATtiny26; languages: C; tools: PN, AVR C cross-compiler

Visible and infrared light levels sensing. Light is emitted through finger. 400Hz measurement cycle. PC input via COM port. Additional simple sensor of skin conductivity. Acquired data is collected and visualized with “Response” project based software.

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“Response” – PC DAQ Controlled Experiments Support System

2003-2008 (8 months, 3 versions), customer: Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Vitaliy Zamostian (National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”), private project, 1 developer
result: 3 versions were implemented, installed and supported, it was used for experiments with mice
OS: Windows XP; languages: VB 2003-2008; tools: VS, .NET1.1-3.5, ready PC DAQ board LCard

This is the PC software that helps to execute experiments which are controlled by PC DAQ board. User may define experiment as the set of steps each with different DAQ input/output channels modes and condition of step finish. For user suitability any channel may be defined in user units and scale. Each channel has zero and scale calibrations. Step of the experiment defines common input channels registration parameters (sampling period, repeating period, number of registrations or step duration), different types of output pulsing and optional synchronization modes.
Download Response 1.1 Setup. You must have MS .NET 1.1 SP1 installed to run Response 1.1.
Package also installs this Russian Response 1.1 User Guide.
This Response 1.1 Experiment File Sample may be opened withing Response 1.1.
Play with mouse left/right double-clicks and dragging on chart’s scales. You may change size of each window. Move upper sliders to switch to another data registration. Set/remove rule by left/right mouse clicking on any chart or by double clicking row in the table. Rule is common for all windows. Read more…

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ActiveX object to control interferometer

2001 (1 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, outsourcing, 1 developer
result: implemented
OS: Windows 98; languages: VB 6.0; tools: VB 6.0

VB 6.0 OCX component and test application were developed to interact with сontroller of Interferometer.

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Controller of the interferometer

2001, 2003 (2 months), customer: “Sumix Corporation”, outsourcing, 2 developers (with my father)
result: was designed and 2 controllers were implemented
OS: Windows 98; languages: C51; tools: oscilloscope & solder iron

AT89C52 based external interferometer controller had 4 10-bits DAC controlled LED channels with current intensity control, external and internal temperature sensors.
One 12-bit DAC output channel has slow but very low noise -40V-+300 output amplifier for piezo-positioner control. FW was written by my father. Controller has COM port PC interface.
Each channel may be programmed for auto incrementing with specified start value, value step and sign, start delay and step interval.
Multi-voltage power supplier was included.

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8-channels phone calls digitizer system with DOS storage software

2001, customer: private project, 1 developer
result: sold and used
OS: DOS; MC: AT89C52; languages: C; tools: TC 2.0, PN, i51 С cross-compiler

External MC based adapter detects on-hook line state, digitizes phone line signals and sends mixed stream of all active channels to PC via LPT port.
DOS software splits the stream and stores phone call data to separate WAV files for each active channel.
Access to stored data was made over network.

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PC board for Video input, digital software decoder of PAL color component

1991-1992, joint project: with Production Cooperative “Informtechnika”, 1 developer
result: sold 5 boards
OS/Hardware: DOS/PC/designed ISA boar; languages: C; tools: TC 2.0, oscilloscope

Developed board grabs composite video signal with 12MHz/8bits sampling. Data was written directly to PC RAM using Master mode of ISA bus. Board had about 40 logic DIPs and fast ADC.
Grabbed composite PAL signal data is decoded by software decoder to get color picture.

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